Submersible Sewage Pumps
Self Priming Pumps
Prefabricated Pump Stations
Submersible Grinder Pumps
Pump Station Mixing
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Submersible Sewage Pumps
Submersible Grinder Pumps
Prefabricated Pump Stations    
Low Pressure Sewer Systems
Effluent Systems

Submersible, Dry-Pit Submersible Pumps
Dry Pit Sewage Pumps
Axial and Mixed Flow Vertical Pumps up to 700 HP
Submersible Mixers
Split Case and End Suction

Prefabricated Water Booster Stations
Below or Above Grade
Prefabricated Valve Vaults for Water or Sewer
Prefabricated Above Grade Sewer Stations

End Suction Pumps- Horizontal or Vertical
Split Case Centrifugal Pumps
Dry-Pit Solids Handling Pumps

Complete Line of Vertical Turbine Pumps
Vertical Mixed Flow and Axial Flow Pumps

Instrumentation for the Water and Sewer Industry: Level Transducers, Float Switches, Pump Control, Suspended Solids/Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring, Magnetic Flowmeters

Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters Specifically Engineered for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Combination Air/Vacuum Valves
Air Release Valves
Flushing Valves
Water or Sewer Applications
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Portable Dewatering Pumps
Bypass Systems
WellPoint Systems
Complete line of pumping accessory hoses, piping, and fittings

Rotary Lobe Sludge Pumps
In-Line Macerators
Biocrack Disintegration System

Turbo Blowers
Positive Displacement Blowers

Diaphragm Control Valves for Pressure Reducing/Relief/Sustaining
Altitude and Pump Control Valves
Pressure Relief Valves for Sewage

Cellular Monitoring Systems and Complete Pump Control Systems

Odor Control Systems for Pump Stations and Treatment Plant Applications

Engineered Control Panels
Arc Armor Enclosures
Ecosmart Control Systems
Pre-Engineered Multi-Voltage Control Systems

Engineered Control Panels
Blower Systems

Access Hatches/Safety Nets or Grates
Valve Vault Ladders
Trash Baskets

Portable and Permanent Hoists for the Water and Wastewater Industry
Electric Winches

Prefabricated Fiberglass Pump Station and Valve Vault Package

End Suction and Split-Case Pumps
Horizontal and Vertical Configuration

WTP and WWTP Process Equipment
Screening, Grit Removal, Aeration
Sludge Treatment, UV Treatment

Valve Insulation Covers
Flange Insulation Covers
Strainer Insulation Covers
Pump Insulation Convers
Flow Meter Insulation Covers
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Gate Valves
Check Valves
Butterfly Valves
WaStop Valves
Duckbill Check Valves
Control Valves

Scadata Software Suite is an off-the-shelf SCADA/Telemetry application
that can be utilized in virtually any facility in any industry. Uniquely designed, Scadata offers an easy-to-use turnkey SCADA/Telemetry solution for monitoring, controlling, notifying, trending, and analyzing large amounts of data onsite or in remote locations.

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