Welcome to Straeffer Pump & Supply, Inc., a full line distributor specializing in applications, sales, service, and repair. We specialize in pump or pumping stations including pumps for industrial, municipal, sewage & wastewater applications and factory authorized to represent nationally recognized quality manufacturers in Indiana, Southern Illinois, and the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Our product line consists of various pumps, instrumentation, and accessories. We offer the following pump types: submersible solids handling, effluent, grinder, horizontal centrifugal, piston/plunger, dry pit, dewatering, flood control, submersible mixers, vertical lineshaft turbine, mixed flow, propeller, ANSI process pumps, horizontal self-priming, and horizontal water/sewer/chemical centrifugal pumps.

We also supply a variety of instrumentation and controls: custom built control panels, dissolved oxygen meters, variable speed drives, magnetic flow meters, and pump controllers. We have an array of accessories available as well: air and vacuum release valves, diaphram actuated control/specialty valves, waterlogic telemetering instrumentation, aluminum and steel access hatches, aluminum ladders, safety nets, portable hoists, macerators, and chemical feed systems.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers expectations. It is our goal to offer a sales and service experience that is enhanced through the integrity of our employees and a genuine interest in those we serve.

Company Profile
Straeffer Pump and Supply has been in the pump supply and service business since 1967 and has built a solid reputation throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Southern Illinois. Our success is based upon supplying quality products from proven manufacturers and backing the product with outstanding service. 

Contact Information
812-476-3075 - 800-837-PUMP(7867)

FAX 812-476-5164

Postal address
PO Box 99
Chandler, IN 47610

General Information:
Sales: sales@straefferpump.com
Service: service@straefferpump.com


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Straeffer Pump & Supply, Inc.
A KM Company
8055 SR 62 West
Chandler, IN 47610
800-837-PUMP (7867)
Fx: 812-476-3075